Spring on Corning Court from Strate Aero Homesteading

Spring on Corning Court

Welcome to Strate Aero Homesteading

You’ll find no straight arrows here, just a Montana girl who’s been settled in Oregon for decades, trying to get back in touch with her Montana homesteading roots.

Sometimes I have to smile when I tell people I am a Montana girl as I have lived in Oregon longer than I did in Montana.  But there is something about your birthplace that still holds dear and pulls and tugs a bit – perhaps more so as we age.

As I have worked through the past few years I began to realize that perhaps I should share some of the experiences we have – some of the homesteading things we do – the projects we work on in this old 1906 Craftsman we own – and a little bit of political chatter as we spend five months every other year in Salem, OR – the Capitol.  Hence – Strate Aero.  (My maiden name and a family love for Aeroplanes!

You will find that I am a pretty “Strate” shooter – so some frank talking – some fun things to watch – probably some funny tales.  I hope you will enjoy your homesteading time with us – it should be entertaining.

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