Rhubarb Lavender Jelly

The beauty bounty

The beauty bounty

You will find if you follow the blog that we don’t like anything to go to waste.  Sal is not particularly fond of rhubarb and we had king size rhubarb in our garden this spring.  The stalks were literally the size of a broomstick.

I struggled as to what to do with all the stalks of “fruit”.  Well, I got out the steamer, cut up all the stalks into one inch pieces and loaded the steamer.  The juice was just gorgeous – a beautiful rosey pink.  And the natural pectin in the juice was something else!  I cooked up the juice with a little less sugar than called for and did not add any pectin – it just wasn’t necessary.

This was the first time, obviously, that I had used rhubarb for jelly – and I just couldn’t resist adding a sprig of lavender to each jar – what a lovely finished product.  Rosey pink jelly with a lavender sprig in the jar.  Fun mid summer project!

Note from my daughter:

“PS – I want to taste it, please!!!”



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