Catching up with Aging


The Aging Woman Across the Street

I have the pleasure of being in Corvallis, OR this week with three of our grandboys.  I am thoroughly enjoying my time with them – they are well behaved and properly mannered young gentlemen  – for the most part – and we are having a great time.  Special Nana meals, more – just a little more – screen time than usually allowed and ice cream before bed!

Today it is a gorgeous clear blue sky day in Corvallis.  I always picture this city as being gray and rainy – rather like Salem – so am pleased with the weather we have had this week.  Today it is going to be in the low 70’s – so one cannot complain about that.  Nothing like spring sunshine to warm the soul.

I walked down to the little book exchange (a cute house in a neighbors front yard ) to deposit some of the books the boys wanted to share. As I walked along at a pretty good clip I saw an elderly lady across the street walking her cute little dog.  We waved and said good morning and as she passed I thought: “I wonder what kind of person I will be when I get to be her age?”

Now – reality hits – OMG I am her age – what am I thinking!!  Often times I see myself as I was back in the day – younger, naturally colored hair instead of my natural gray.  It isn’t truly a conscious thing – I just realize it at a later time that I see myself differently than I am.  Well today – bingo!!  I didn’t laugh out loud but it is rather funny.

Aging is like the petal of a floweraI think of older people as being my parent’s age.  Well, I realized I am my parents age!  I know this will not come to any of you as a surprise – but it was just a funny realization that I am that elderly woman across the street – without the dog!

On my walk I picked up a petal from a tulip tree bloom.  I held it as I finished my walk and couldn’t help but think how it resembles life.  Flush and meaty and full of potential at the base of the petal.  As it grows it thins out in texture and increases its breadth in knowledge and understanding (I’m not talking hips here!) and then as life’s end draws close the petal curves back into a smaller, more fragile, every important shape.

Seeing myself today as that older woman across the street just re-enforces the importance of the time we have here on earth with loved ones, friends and family.  Aging happens.  Just remember – OMG you are that woman across the street!



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