First Week at the Capital


Most of us feel like it has been four weeks rather than four days – the pace is freight train style – boilers wide open. Hopefully it will calm as we move forward. Sal’s Committees were well run and handled with expertise from the Chairman. A few bills passed through Ag and Natural Resource and a few put on hold until they have a full committee – one member missing this week.

It is always fascinating to get back in the saddle here in Salem – takes a bit to remember how the programs work, how the phones work – remembering how to move the information around in the programs – we are a paperless office – which I love – but I have to relearn some things to get up and operating.

All Sal’s appointments are made through Outlook – every 15 minutes he is not in his committees or on the House Floor – it is kind of like a circus!! We had a friend refer to the process as a psychiatrist office – different subjects every quarter hour!

The men and women who serve us in the Oregon Legislature are very amazing individuals with staff that is hard to beat. Each Representative or Senator has their own way of doing things and the staff adjusts to get the jobs done. It is amazing to see all the ways people work and accomplish that which is necessary to get through a day in the Legislature in Salem.



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