Making your list, checking it twice


It has been about a month since I posted the requested concept of stocking up for the future.  So how is everyone doing?  Do you have your lists made up?  Have you started shopping?

Don’t use the excuse that the Holidays got in your way – that earthquake isn’t taking any holidays.  Start making your list today!

The Cold Storage Room

Please note that I do have items stored in different ways. As I told you in the last blog we have stored a considerable number of cans of the vegetables we like and I rotate those on a regular basis.

I also have some items stored in glass jars – some from regular canning and many from dry canning items.

A friend mentioned after the last blog that she preferred the freeze-dried products to storing anything in glass because of the possibility of breakage – and I agree.  However, I dry can a considerable number of items that we use on a regular basis.  If your storage area tends to draw any moisture – and in Oregon where isn’t it wet? – then dry canning dry goods is a great option.  I believe in this photo you will see crackers, cornbread mix and our home-made rice-a-roni mix dry canned in canning jars.  Are you ready for a dry canning session? Start making your list!

If you have your lists made then it is time to begin the process.  Remember just shoot for three months – then six etc.  You will be surprised how good you feel when you reach your goal of having food stocked ahead for an emergency.  Don’t forget to read about water storage – this is important as water can disappear rather quickly from the grocery store shelves when an emergency happens.

Send me a note and let me know where you are with your lists and your shopping.  I am taking a bit of a Holiday but will be back at the keyboard before long with more photos and lists. Here is my working food list as promised last month.   Food Storage



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