Real Concern Regarding issues Being Passed in Oregon Legislature


Each day our legislators are faced with extremely interesting and sometimes frustrating proposed legislation during this 2015 Session.

Yesterday on the House Floor HB 2564 was passed out of the House of Representatives with one Democrat voting NO – Rep. Brian Clem realizes the danger with this type of legislation and voted against the party line vote.

HB2564 Oregon Legislative Information System

Permits local governments to impose conditions on approved permits that effectively establish sales price for up to 30 percent of residential development or limit purchase to class or group of purchasers in exchange for one or more developer incentives.

For any of you familiar with Real Estate, this is considered a “taking”.  For any of you who own a home or land you may wish to develop you would consider it stealing!  I would agree.

If a developer or an individual wants to bring a piece of property into the city limits for development into a sub division then 30% of the residential development will be “taken” by the city to be used as they see fit – preferably low-income housing.

I know all of you cannot watch all the time – so I am hoping that this helps you to realize what can happen when any one party holds all three branches of our government – NOTHING GOOD!!

Rep Kotek

Opposing views:  Rep McLane – listen long enough to her what he has to say –




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