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  • The Demise of the Oregon Legislature

    The Demise of the Oregon Legislature

    In 2004 when my husband was appointed to the Oregon Senate and for approximately the next two terms in the House of Representatives we would often be invited to two receptions and a dinner on any given evening.  I used […]

  • Working Towards Retirement

    Working Towards Retirement

    Retirement Sal and I have been married fifteen years this next month.  For both of us we feel blessed and lucky to have found one another when other relationships were worn out or just not working any longer. Shortly after […]

  • Taken from the balcony

    Nearing the End of Session

    Seems I wrote this near the end of session but never actually published it – so thought better late than never!! The 2015 Legislative Session is winding down hopefully it will end in the next week or so.  This session […]

  • Sumpter OR

    Seeing New Territory

    It is not often that we have had the opportunity to take off for a couple of weeks and just travel until we were ready to come home.  Recently we got to do just that.  We had a wonderful time. […]

  • Partisan Politics

    Senate Bill 324 – Low Carbon Fuels   Today, March 4, 2015 the House Floor discussion on SB 324 began promptly at 11:00 a.m.  As I write it is 4:00 p.m. and the bill is still being discussed on the […]

  • First Week at the Capital

    Most of us feel like it has been four weeks rather than four days – the pace is freight train style – boilers wide open. Hopefully it will calm as we move forward. Sal’s Committees were well run and handled […]