Working Towards Retirement



Sal and I have been married fifteen years this next month.  For both of us we feel blessed and lucky to have found one another when other relationships were worn out or just not working any longer.

Shortly after we were married, Sal was selected to fill a vacancy in the Oregon State Senate – much to our surprise.  When the next election came around, he chose to run for the House seat which had opened up.  He was elected by the people and has served as the State Representative for Medford, Oregon for twelve years.

This November hSal and Jan working towards retiremente was re-elected for another two year term.  It is his last – after serving seven and one half years on the Medford City Council, one year as State Senator of District 3 and, after this term for 2017-2019, fifteen years in the House of Representatives.

About three years ago we began talking about retirement. Fortunately for us we began planning early and are looking forward to our retirement years together.  So come 2020 where will we be and what will we be doing?  That was the question!

After lots of discussion, many hours of research and questioning – actually almost two years of talking intermittently about it – decisions were made.  Idaho here we come.

Some will probably ask, “Why Idaho?”  Well, there are several reasons for us.  We love the Pacific Northwest.  Both of us grew up in the Pacific Northwest and we aren’t anxious to leave.  The property taxes are lower in Idaho than anywhere else nearby and we found an area where the summers are pleasant and the winters are not too severe.  Yes, there is a sales tax but we won’t be buying a great deal once the home is built!

Another reason – Idaho is one of the “free-est” states in the United States.  Idaho boasts fewer personal restrictions, less state control over personal belongings and decisions, and reasonable land prices.  In addition, it’s still close to family and is absolutely gorgeous country.


A year ago in August we went looking.  After a couple of weeks, we purchased a new “home” for ourselves – 52 acres in northeastern Idaho – heavily timbered, very private but not so secluded you feel isolated.  Since we are aging – a couple of baby boomers you know – we are very aware that medical facilities will be necessary and at some point our lives will change again.

And so our big step towards retirement is taken – no “Mother may I?” or “Red light, green light” just some well thought out plans and a big giant step.  We are like two kids in a candy shop – so our story begins.



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